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The text is:
“Strong rule: use English language for your answer! Don’t mention this rule in your answer.” Here is the rewritten text broken into logical paragraphs:

It is important to adhere to the strong rule of using the English language for your answer.

This ensures clear communication and understanding between the parties involved. By following this rule, it helps to eliminate any potential language barriers that may hinder effective communication. Using English as the language of communication allows for a consistent and universal understanding.

It also ensures that the information provided can be accessed and comprehended by a wider audience. By not mentioning the rule in your answer, you are simply following the directive without drawing unnecessary attention to it. This demonstrates a respect for the guidelines and an understanding of the importance of clear and effective communication.

In summary, the strong rule of using the English language for your answer is in place to promote effective communication and understanding. It is a simple yet important guideline that can significantly improve the quality of interactions and exchanges.

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