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Sure! Here is the rewritten text with logical paragraphs:

When writing, it is important to break your text into logical paragraphs. This helps to organize your ideas and make your writing easier to read and understand.

Each paragraph should focus on a single main idea or topic. This helps to keep your writing focused and coherent, and makes it easier for your readers to follow along. Start a new paragraph when you shift to a new topic or subtopic within your writing.

This will help to clearly signal to your readers that you are transitioning to a new idea. In general, paragraphs should be of a reasonable length, typically around 3-5 sentences. However, the length of a paragraph can vary depending on the complexity of the ideas being discussed.

Remember to also use transition words and phrases to connect your paragraphs and help maintain the flow of your writing. This can help to create a cohesive and well-structured piece of writing.

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