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Sure, let’s break down the text into logical paragraphs and rewrite it:

Paragraph 1:
As per the strong rule, it is essential to use the English language for communication and interactions. This rule is applicable to all forms of written and spoken communication.

Paragraph 2:
The use of English language is important for ensuring effective and clear communication among individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds. It helps in avoiding misunderstandings and promotes a standard mode of communication.

Paragraph 3:
By adhering to the strong rule of using English language, individuals can maintain consistency and coherence in their interactions, which is crucial for effective collaboration and understanding in various settings. Paragraph 4:
It is important to note that the strong rule applies to both formal and informal communication, including discussions, presentations, written correspondence, and any other form of interaction.

Adhering to this rule fosters a conducive environment for communication and mutual understanding.

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