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Sure! Here’s the rewritten text, broken into logical paragraphs:

When writing, it is important to follow certain guidelines to ensure that the text is clear and easy to understand. One such guideline is to break the text into logical paragraphs. This helps to organize the information and make it more digestible for the reader.

Logical paragraphs are typically used to group related information together. Each paragraph should focus on a single idea or topic, and subsequent paragraphs should transition smoothly from one to the next. This helps to maintain coherence and flow in the writing. Additionally, logical paragraphs can help the writer to stay focused and prevent their ideas from becoming scattered or disjointed.

By breaking the text into smaller, manageable chunks, the writer can more effectively convey their message and keep the reader engaged. In summary, using logical paragraphs is an important aspect of effective writing. It helps to organize information, maintain coherence, and keep the reader engaged throughout the text.

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